November 21st, 2003

Indiana Jones by darkmattr

Not as cryptic as it sounds

I seem to break everything I touch.

No, for once this isn't a cryptic post referring to a boy or a fight with a friend or stupid bullshit drama (that reminds me, I keep meaning to add "stupid bullshit drama" to my interests list) or something stupid I did. It's literal. Half the shit in my apartment is broken. Lately I just touch things and they break. And then I stand there wondering "what the fuck did I do?" Because I'm convinced that everything is my fault.

If, say, we're all just characters in some higher being's game of Dungeons and Dragons, it's right there on my character sheet under disadvantages: "Breaks stuff. Every time she touches something which could possibly break, roll a saving throw to see if she breaks it."

I am a geek.

In other news, I am feeling slighty woozy and stressing over this because right now is just about the last time I need to be sick. Two weeks. Give me two weeks and then I can be sick and drink hot chocolate. But I would like to add that it is absolutely not a hangover.
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I am being really, marvelously nice to the students today. Volunteering help, giving them extra information, being friendlier than usual... it's nice. It makes me happy.

And it can only mean one thing:

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