December 1st, 2003

card by xanadumalion

Latest adventures in purple hair

I really did intend to go back to Feria for my next dye job. I mean it. Their conditioners rock. Whereas the Garnier Nutrisse seems to have dried out my hair. At least I think so.

But then... I saw the latest, newest shade of Garnier Lumia. Plum Orchid.

It's plum, people. Not cranberry. Not burgundy. Not reddish-plum. Plum. Real, live, purple plum.

*jumps up and down in anticipation*

And indiepunkrock and I have already practiced my defense: "It came in a box!" (The idea being, as long as you buy it at the grocery store and not Junkman's Daughter it should be work-safe.)

Anyone used Lumia before?
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Strong Bad by theevilbunny

talkin' smack with ariedana

kellinator: You're just encouraging me, wench. One of these days I'm going to wake up in a jail cell in Tijuana and it's going to be all your fault!!
ariedana: Hey now, I don't *make* you do anything. I just show you the path to destruction and give you a candle.
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