December 3rd, 2003


Latest Hand Puppet Theater

Thanks to ardentdelirium for this one!

Hand Puppet Theater takes on The Matrix Reloaded

Personally, I think the puppet show is better than the movie. I mean, did the movie have any lines as good as this?

"Tell Neo he's a smelly poophead and he can't act."

"Yeu and yeur zilly freedom fries deu not scare me!"

And my personal favorite:
"We promise an Agent Smith for every fangirl!"

Yes!! Please!! Mmmmmmmmmmm Agent Smith!!
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This one's going out to my fellow Munchgirls chicating and simcha...

I was just thinking that a really terrific Munch icon would be a picture of Munch looking pissed with the line from Meldrick's grandmother at the wedding: "You're the one who took too many drugs and damaged his brain."

I think we need a community for Munch junkies.

Or fanagle, how about a picture of Kellerman with the line "There are no absolutes in life. Only in vodka"?

Someone out in LJ-land has a brilliant icon that's a picture of Pembleton with the caption "Please don't be an idiot. Thank you."

I need a good quote for a MunchenKay icon. Any ideas?
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