December 9th, 2003


Pitfalls of being a part-time gamer...

I wasn't able to make my D&D game in Athens on Sunday, but at the time I really wasn't too worried because my character, Felicity the brash swashbuckler, really hadn't been useful at all.

Then I get email from salog and discover what I missed:

** Felicity's long-lost twin sister's wedding
** The "hobbit from hell" (seriously, a berserker halfling) getting plastered on Dwarven ale and starting a bar fight
** Felicity gambling with dwarves and taking them to the cleaners

It's always the session you miss!
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trying to figure out LiveJournal

I just got the email telling me that my paid account's about to expire, and I'm trying to figure out for how long I need to renew it. Because what I really want, of course, is a permanent account. But who knows how long it'll be till they sell them again? Or even if they'll sell them again?

Also, I really can't justify buying extra icon space, considering I'd probably just top out at thirty.

Also, and on a completely unrelated topic, I really fucking need a nap.
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