January 6th, 2004


random babblings

In list form, because lists are cool, and there's nothing else to lend structure to this one.

  • Life is so much better on Tuesdays. Mondays are just bad in general because we expect them to be bad, which leads to a vortex of general badness and means that people *cough*me*cough* tend to get depressed and moody on Mondays. But the world looks a little brighter on a Tuesday. Also probably because though it's cold as fuck, it's not raining, which makes it easier for me to run errands to the other libraries. I like the cold. I like the rain too, but I like it better when I'm curled up under a nice cozy afghan.
  • Speaking of afghans, my big accomplishment of the holidays was finally finishing the afghan I've been working on for two years. It's huge. I could probably use it as a bedspread. I wanted it that big so I'd always have enough afghan to wrap up in. It's really insane all the things that have happened since I started that afghan. In fact, one of the reasons I made it so huge when I started was because I had just started seeing someone I thought would be around for a long time and I wanted to make sure it was big enough for both of us to curl up under on the couch. Just goes to show you. Ha ha ha fucking ha.
  • If I'm really, really good in 2004, you think Santa will bring me Dominic West?
  • Do I still even know how to be good?
  • Posts like this are good when you have lots to say but none of it would actually merit a full post.
  • If you're having a snow day, I'm jealous. See, Southerners tend to get all excited and giddy about snow because 1). it's different and pretty and fun to play in and 2). it usually means we get snow days. Yankees just get pissed.
  • I was going to put something here, but I forgot what.
  • They took down the really cool Southern-weirdness photography exhibit at the library that I liked so much and put up a new one. This one's just a weird collection of stuff, seemingly with nothing linking the pieces. There are a couple of portraits which, frankly, are pretty scary. Like, there's this huge, probably four or five feet tall, portrait of a little blond girl with a horse. Both are decked out in full English riding gear. I've seen it before, and it's just the height of pretentiousness. "What can I do to show off? I know! I'll hire someone to paint a portrait of my daughter! And her horse! But to show that we're not some low-class family who rides for fun, we'll put in all her English riding gear! And she won't smile!" More money than sense, people. Not to mention that children really should smile in pictures. Frankly, I think anything else looks a little unnerving. And I mean, if it's a photo and the kid doesn't want to smile, big deal. But it's a portrait, and it's just screaming "I'm too good to smile." Whatever. And there's a card telling you where to contact if you want to commission a portrait. Like the art is that good. There's also a perfectly nice painting of some trees. Note that I said "perfectly nice." "Perfectly nice" does not necessitate a $1000 price tag. And drawings of dogs, which you can also commission if you'd like a picture of your dog looking dignified, instead of like the smelly slobbery beast that you dearly love. And shadow boxes with junk in them, selling for $400. Hey, I could get a shadow box and put some stuff in it and it probably wouldn't be as pretty as these, but it would be cooler, because I made it myself and I wasn't pretentious enough to charge $400 for it.
  • Those black-eyed peas? They tasted all right to me, Earl.
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Celtic by kimberly_a

Just my imagination

Thanks to all of you who took my Christmas lights poll. I must not have been paying much attention when I made it, because I, as so many of you pointed out, put "Northeast" instead of "Northwest" and left California out altogether. And to think I was so proud of myself for remembering to include all the continents...

So anyway, my hypothesis was that getting the lights down by New Year's was a Southern thing, while Northerners wait for Twelfth Night. Looking at the results, it appears I was mistaken. I haven't found a clear correlation between region and tradition. You learn something new every day. Even if it's really not that important.
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Even though all the good Britney Spears jokes have already been made...

Sunday night my phone rang and it was my favorite punching bag good buddy alanator, in a snit. Once I got him to stop bitching and explain what was going on, he informed me Britney Spears had gotten married. Alan was inconsolable because, as he whined, "What if now that she's married she's not skanky anymore?"

Alan, I don't think you need to worry. I think most of us would agree that getting drunk (because really, do you think she wasn't?), getting married in a tacky Vegas chapel on a whim, then claiming that it wasn't that you were drunk, it was just that you were stupid is pretty damn skanky.

As the always-brilliant ariedana said here, "Which is worse: to publically admit that you got too pissed drunk to realize that you're getting married, or to publically admit that you're too dumb to understand that you're getting married?"

But now at least I've been reminded that there are people who do even dumber things while drunk than I do. Thank you, Britney!
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