January 9th, 2004


Bad celebrity, no Cristal!!

This morning on 99X the morning DJs were talking to Erik Estrada about being on The Surreal Life, or whatever that shit is called. (Not that I haven't wasted a fair portion of my life watching reality shows... but still, most of them are crap. We all know this. We occasionally watch them anyway because everyone needs a guilty pleasure. I'm babbling.)

Near the end of the interview one of the DJs asks him if he's hoping The Surreal Life will give his career a boost, and he starts in with "No. I didn't do this for my career. I did this for myself. To find out what I'm made of. What kind of man I am."

And I'm just sitting there thinking, You want to find out what you're made of, you join the Peace Corps. Or climb Mount Everest. You don't go on a crappy, third-rate reality show with a bunch of crappy third-rate celebrities.

...Celebrities give us snarky people so much material. Their lives are so delightfully stupid.
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