January 20th, 2004


Just for the record...

No, I did not spend the entire weekend fucked up. In fact, I only had the baby margarita at margarita_fri and that was about as wild as it got. Am currently wondering if I might be in a better mood if I had spent the weekend utterly debauched. In truth, I'd probably just be hung over.

Anyway, big thanks to streamweaver for his gratuitous Trogdor references which are so far the best thing about the morning.
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I am geek, hear me roar

This weekend my love for shiny objects got the better of me and as I'd been considering, I took the plunge and bought miniatures, paints, brushes, and primer. Shiny figures!! Pretty colors!! Insert squeeing fangirliness here.

The only problem? My characters may have a high Dex, but I do not. I trip over my own feet on a regular basis. What made me think I could successfully paint tiny little details on tiny little pewter figurines without constantly getting paint where it's not supposed to go? Your guess is as good as mine. At least the figures I've been practicing on are smaller than the ones I really want to do a nice job on. I know, I know, gotta walk before you can run, but no one ever accused me of being patient...

Any more tips, or can people recommend some good painting guides (preferably online)?
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