January 26th, 2004


Ice? Yeah, whatever.

So, are we really supposed to have an ice storm? Or is this yet another of those half-assed "it's kinda rainy and it's kinda cold so it must be an ICE STORM!!!" dealios cooked up by ratings-hungry local news in league with the supermarkets? I can practically guarantee you that people throughout the South are currently running out to buy milk, bread, and eggs, even those who never eat milk, bread, and eggs. And anyway, what's the deal with milk, bread, and eggs? I don't really buy milk and bread now that I live by myself because I never finish them before they go bad, and I've never gotten the big deal about eggs anyway. Maybe I'll run out after work and buy taquitos, cider and chocolate so I won't feel left out.

Personally, and yeah I know this is a really selfish thing to say so you don't need to remind me, but I could really do with an ice storm right now. It'd be a great excuse to lock myself in my apartment and not go out for love or money. I'd paint my miniatures and crochet my afghan and recharge my batteries.

I should have stayed in bed today. Even for a Monday, I just should have stayed in bed.
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