February 3rd, 2004


Eeeeee!!! Eeeeeee!!!

I wasn't even going to post the result of this quiz, I was just taking it for kicks, but look what I got!! Lookie!!!

GURPS Swashbucklers
You're GURPS Swashbucklers. You're a classic
and you know it. No one else is nearly as
stylish as you. You're into swords and guns,
but more than anything, you win people over
with your charisma.

Which GURPS book are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

So of course I had to post it, for the amusement of all who game with me. (And I am so far behind on posting my gaming stories...)

(ganked from bethynyc)
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Belated Super Bowl snark

I don't know, am I the only one who thinks the entire incident with Janet Jackson's breast was just designed to distract from the Lingerie Bowl?

I mean, Sunday morning I was subjected to an ESPN feature on it. But have you heard a peep about it postgame? Yeah, didn't think so.

(I must point out that actually dwivian has had the same thought. Great minds and all that.)
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