February 11th, 2004

SVU by frey_at_last

I hate myself for loving formulaic TV

I watched SVU last night, and I had the patented "Law and Order twist" figured out by 10:29. I think that's a personal record. I also think I should get extra points because it wasn't a twist that they had already used six times (yet still advertised as "shocking"). Actually, as far as L&O goes it was unusually shocking. And even for SVU, high on the squick factor. It was, like, first-season squick levels without the saving grace of Munch actually getting to do something. Okay, the bad haircut makes it official, Munch is being wasted. Dick Wolf should either give him a spinoff (face it, he's more popular than a badly-used supporting character has any right to be) or send him over to L&O Original Formula to bicker with Briscoe. Oh!! Wait!! I've got it!! Send Munch and Fin to Criminal Intent to snark on Goren for being such a know-it-all!! Man, I am so much better at network programming than Jeff Zucker. Unfortunately dirt is better at network programming than Jeff Zucker so I'm unlikely to get recognized for my talents anytime soon. Guys, call me. I work cheap. Just ask my current employer. Better yet, create a new position for me. Junior Executive in Charge of Making Sure Munch Gets Written Right and Smacking Dick Wolf When He Gets Out of Control.
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What really makes a person beautiful

I was rushing to my meeting that I didn't really want to go to today, running late as usual and in a general pissy mood. As I approached the library, I noticed a guy some distance in front of me. He had lovely long hair, and I am a sucker for long hair on guys, but then he turned his head and I didn't think he was particularly attractive. He was holding the door open for some girl.

A moment later I reached the door myself... and discovered it was held open for me, too. The guy had lingered to hold it open for me.

He smiled, and I swear he suddenly became the most beautiful person I'd seen all week.
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