February 23rd, 2004


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I was going to make a really bitchy entry about everything that's bothered me so far this morning, but then I saw this link 39orangestreet posted, and decided it would be far better to make people laugh than make them listen to me bitch.

George Steinbrenner's Very Secret Diaries

There is something about Boston I find quaint. The Federalist architecture, the cobblestone streets, the constant losing. Also, there is that lovely little park across from the Ritz with the pedal-powered boats. The swan boats, I think they are called. I shall buy the swan boats. This I like. I will fill in that little moat and in its place put in a go-cart track. And all the go-carts will have swans with maniacal looks painted on their faces and fire coming out of their little beaks. Again with the laughing. "Make Way for Go-Carts." Stuff that in your Caldecott Medal.
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snarky librarian by bouncepogo

Why yes, I am part ferret.

In an attempt to keep me somewhat happy and not-psychotic, my coworkers have resorted to gifting me with blinking neon pens.

The scary thing is, it's working. Ooooh, shiny object...
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