February 27th, 2004


Sports snark

I heard on SportsCenter last night that Mike Tyson pleaded (what the hell is the past tense of "plead," and how the hell is it spelled? "Pleaded?" "Pled?" Do I sound like an idiot or a bad English major? ...Never mind, Dictionary.com says either is acceptable) guilty to his latest infraction with the law -- disorderly conduct or something -- and was sentenced to one hundred hours of community service, which he will serve by teaching children to box.

...I would just like to know, in which alternate dimension is this a good idea? This is a convicted rapist who bit off part of an opponent's ear during a boxing match, and a court thinks it's a good idea for him to teach kids how to hit people?

[Insert your own fall-of-the-Roman-Empire joke here.]
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