March 19th, 2004

piss off!!

Hey, you!! Yeah, you!!

Yeah, I'm talkin' to you, ESPN sportscasters!! Sports Illustrated writers too!! Yeah!! Over here!! I got somethin' for you!!

*points to icon*

This is what I think of all of you and your Western Michigan bandwagon bullshit!! Does every single one of you fuckers really think that highly of Western Michigan? Or was that just the thought on the one brain you pass around? Would it absolutely kill you to give Vanderbilt a little bit of respect?! Not that we're not used to your abuse!

(In other words, it's less than an hour till tipoff, and I'm trying to find a radio station that's streaming the game.)
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Open letter to the Vanderbilt Commodores

All right, Vandy,

So it's halftime and you're down by three. Okay, so you're not getting your asses kicked nearly as bad as everyone in the national media said you would. But YOU'RE STILL NOT WINNING. C'mon, guys!! Get out there and play some freakin' DEFENSE!! Don't let the season end here!

And special to Matt Freije: Your NBA stock is probably depending on this, so GET OUT THERE AND KICK SOME ASS!!!

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