March 22nd, 2004


So many rants, so little time

The problem with Mondays (well, one of the many) is that I inevitably have many many things that I want and need to rant about and no time to do it. Where to start? Where to start?

  • 99X's morning show used to be a great guilty-pleasure way for me to start my day. Yeah yeah yeah, bitch at me all you like for not listening to NPR instead, but I am a shallow shallow girl, I never told you otherwise, and I like my morning frivolity. 99X used to give me a lot of laughs in the morning while crossing the lines of good taste. But with the move of that obnoxious asshole Toucher to the morning show, the whole thing has become a train wreck. Toucher interrupts everyone and everything to the point where Leslie, who is the only one with a brain, and Jimmy, who is much funnier in his jackassness than Toucher, cannot get a word in edgewise and appear to have just given up.  He's abrasive, rude, and stupid. This morning he was amusing himself by bitching about his live-in girlfriend and performing his impersonation of her, which went beyond unflattering into plain-out cruel. When said girlfriend called in to rightfully object, he ended up further humiliating her and making her promise to kiss his feet. I may mock many things for entertainment value, but this was just plain disgusting. I kept waiting for her to dump him, but, y'know, if she wants to stay with someone that revolting, well, that's her business.
  • [rant that was going to go here but I decided I felt strongly enough about it that it gets its own entry later]
  • Why can't people accept that some days I am just not up for meaningless small talk?
  • [rant which I may or may not make later under a lock, depending on how much my job is pissing me off]
  • I haven't gotten what I'd call a good night's sleep for at least the past four nights. Possibly more. This is turning me into even more of a raging bitch than usual. All I know that tonight is going to involve something decadent for dinner (okay, it'll probably be something from the hot bar at the Dekalb Farmer's Market, but that's plenty good trust me -- we're talking the best fried chicken I've found in Atlanta and some truly wonderful things with tofu), a fuzzy bathrobe, and whatever else it takes to get me to feel like a human being again.
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Vandy, Vandy, oh hell yeah!!

Ever since Vandy began tearing up the tournament, I've been haunting the sports websites and TV shows, gloating and waiting to see the media eat some of the crow Vandy served up this weekend. So far the best has been from ESPN's Daily Quickie:

"When all those bandwagoneers said 'Western Michigan,' apparently they meant to say 'Vanderbilt.'"

I'm with ESPN: "As long as you are one of the millions whose office-pool chances have been obliterated, how can you not root for an Xavier-Vandy-Okla St-UAB Final Four?"
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