March 26th, 2004


Vandy, Vandy, oh hell no.

Just in case you haven't heard, Vanderbilt got completely slaughtered by UConn last night. There was blood all over the court. And shards of the glass slipper.

It was a great season. We were picked to finish last in the SEC East, and instead we beat some great teams and made the Sweet Sixteen even when everyone said we couldn't do it. But it's still disappointing.

I guess my March Madness has ended.

...Wait! The Vandy women are still in the running!!

*runs around screaming*
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Who needs sleep?

I've overslept every day this week. Not good. I seriously need to catch up on my sleep.

Unfortunately, the chances of me doing that this weekend are somewhere between nil and zilch.

Tonight I'm looking forward to the partyatvernards. I think I'll wear the corset. Hmm, I'm going to need someone to help me with the corset.

*eeevil giggle*

Tomorrow I'm gaming at streamweaver's. Hopefully Martina will get to make some good wisecracks and beat the shit out of some monsters. Then I'm going to Athens where sujata has requested that I help her celebrate the end of her semester by going on a drinking binge dancing. I think I might wear the corset for that too.

No, streamweaver, I'm not wearing the corset for gaming, no matter how much you may beg. :P

Then probably more gaming in Athens on Sunday. I think Sunday's a game day. Man, I hope I'll be coherent.

Then lots of stuff next week. Probably my next chance for the periodic "go away and leave me alone" night (and I find I need more and more of those as I get older) isn't till Tuesday.

Actually, I'm really excited about all the fun things. But there's a little part of me that would like nothing better than to curl up with the cat and one of those Homicide novels. She'll shut up once I've got a margarita in one hand and some barbecue in the other. It's just kinda... weird.

This post doesn't make any sense, but I've already written it so I'm going to go ahead and post it.

So anyway, if you see me this weekend and I'm not misbehaving, ask me why.
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I don't belong here.

Last night I showed up to watch the Vandy game at some restaurant in Buckhead where I'd found out a bunch of Vandy alums were congregating. I showed up alone (kingjohn2nd couldn't make it and alanator was running late) and basically guessed that if my innate charm weren't enough to get me a seat, a shared alma mater would be.

So there I was, surrounded by a hundred people I never would have crossed paths with even if we had been in school at the same time. Women wearing rings that probably cost more than I make in a year. Guys in ATO t-shirts. The really rich, the really thin, the really gorgeous, everywhere. And then me, Little Miss None-of-the-Above. Without my protective cocoon of English honors classes or McTyeire or the guys of Tolman 3.

And I couldn't help but think I don't belong here.

And it reminds me of all the jokes my parents have made over the years about me getting switched at the hospital as a baby. Yeah, they're funny, and we all laugh, but there's always a little bit of an edge that I don't even know if they're conscious of: You're not like us.

I don't think I've ever really belonged anywhere.
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Get your daily dose of Bush-bashing here!

Bush jokes about WMDs at press dinner

Isn't that frelling repugnant? It's one thing to joke about your own mistakes; hell, I consider it a very good thing. But I believe joking about mistakes that have gotten hundreds of people killed are another matter. Inappropriate at best, despicable at worst. You can probably guess which side of that coin I come down on.

(Meant to post this yesterday, but didn't get around to it. Surprised I haven't seen it elsewhere on LiveJournal.)
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Queen of Snark by maighdlin


Lookie what opalturtle made me!! This was taken at her place last weekend, and maybe it's not the most flattering photo of me, but DAMN if it doesn't sum up my personality!!

*squee!* Thank you, Sarah! *hugs*
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Queen of Snark by maighdlin

(no subject)

Can you imagine what would happen if we all started answering the question "How are you?" honestly? My gosh, it would be the breakdown of Western civilization.

I mean, think about it:

Boss: How are you?
You: Miserable. I hate my job, and I hate you too.

Mother: How are you?
You: Fucked in the head, and it's all your fault!!

Doctor: How are you?
You: I feel like shit. Why else would I be here, you idiot? How did you get through med school, Einstein?

So now that I've given you all eeevil ideas:

So, really, how are you? Be honest.

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dangerous by maighdlin

Weekend wrapup

It occurs to me that perhaps I shouldn't start this weekend without writing about last weekend first.

Last week scarcrest and adgy called to try to persuade me to come up to Nashville. They sounded like they were in the movie Road Trip as written by Garth Ennis, and therefore I decided I had to come, if for no other reason than to watch mayhem ensue. So I headed up to Nashville (with a hangover) and made frighteningly good time until I got off the interstate and got lost in BFE. Just as it was starting to rain cats and dogs. By the time I got to opalturtle and cotharyus's house I was a little hysterical (like that's anything unusual). But ariedana got lost too, so though I hate for her to get lost at least I wasn't the only one.

Apparently the party had decided that in the absence of laubster I was the easiest target, so I got mocked a lot, to the point of them putting a vodka bottle in front of me just to see what would happen. I hit scarcrest on the head with it. Don't worry, it was just plastic, and anyway he deserved it. Thus opalturtle made me this icon. You'd think they'd know better than to taunt the girl mixing the drinks. It was a welcome relief when we called reannon to pass the phone around and call her Bunky. It was my first time meeting opalturtle and cotharyus and their adorable little boy, and they were so kind to take a crazy strange person like me into their home. Then I started making margaritas and teaching everyone to play Apples to Apples. Hilarity ensued.

When we all finally cleared out, ariedana and I headed back to her place to play with her adorable kitties and worship the TiVo. I want a TiVo!
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