April 9th, 2004

snarky librarian by bouncepogo

Longings of an interlibrary loan specialist

You know what I really wish I had right now?

A place to go, with other people who do interlibrary loan, and bitch. Share stories about dumbass patrons and shipping mishaps. A place where people understand.

See, I've tried libraries and library_grrls, and they're great for what they are, but they're mainly braod-based communities with lots of questions about MLS programs and such. I want something... closer. Like a coffeehouse instead of a information fair.

When I tell my ILL stories to my friends, it takes forever because I have to stop and explain the little things about ILL that only those who work there know, and even when I explain those, the stories aren't as funny. And I'm sure I'm boring my friends.

I wish I knew how to find the people who would get my stories, and really understand them.
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