May 7th, 2004

Ivanova by crazybee

Things that make no sense

How can you have writer's block when all you write are wanky LiveJournal entries, Law and Order drabbles, the hack-and-slash adventures of your RPG alter ego, and snarky emails to friends?

(And when I say "you", I mean me.)
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Strong Bad by theevilbunny

So what did you do last weekend, Kelly?

Friday night: The usual margarita_fri, which was low-key but very entertaining nonetheless. Then we headed over to 10dimensions and eaterofgodz to watch Kill Bill, Vol. 1 on the projection screen. I liked it very much. It wasn't quite as violent as I was expecting, based on all the reviews I'd heard. Though I'll probably wait for it on DVD, I'm looking forward to Vol. 2.

Saturday: Gaming, natch. Martina leveled up to 8th and after much dithering, I decided to take the Improved Critical feat. So far, good choice. Then off to the War Room for more minis. (It's an addiction!) Since we just took over a pirate ship, I stocked up on pirates (none of which are likely to be finished in time for tomorrow's game. Dammit.)

Saturday night: Party at notsosilent's! Fun was had by all, I think, especially when notsosilent's dog Tigger, who had been trying to hump sempereadem and unrepentant's dog Winston all night, started humping Winston's head, which led several us to scream "Suck it, bitch!!" while howling with laughter. Also, notsosilent was much amused when I declared that "Some moments just need to be punctuated with a web cartoon."

Sunday: RenFest with my Athens peeps. I was VERY bleary due to extreme lack of sleep when salog called to check with me; he promptly told everyone I was hung over (which I wasn't, really). Got there and met up with him, ga_sunshine and her kidlets, john666, and LJ-less Scott, Marie, Steve, and James. (Did I get everyone?)

RenFest was fun. Muddy as all hell, but fun, not too hot or crowded. Unfortunately, the problem with RenFest is that once I get there, I lose all sense of reason and buy all sorts of ridiculous stuff. Like a dagger. My first dagger. Celtic knotwork. It's probably not a great blade, but it was dirt-cheap and I like it. My favorite purchase, though, was a circlet-type thing that I just fell in love with. It has little green roses on it and everyone said it looked really good with my hair color. I've discovered I can pass it off as a necklace at work, but yeah, expect to see me wearing a circlet on the weekends. It's because I never had a tiara as a kid, y'know. ;)
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Cool moment from RenFest

I was browsing on the pirate ship when one of the pirates started yelling "Redhead on the deck!! Redhead on the deck!! Hide the whips and handcuffs!!"

It really made me grin, because two years ago I was the mousy girl who never got noticed standing next to the redhead... and now, I am The Redhead.

Change is good. :)
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