May 13th, 2004


I guess it's true, only the good die young.

I guess I have to write this at some point.

kimosabi46 passed away yesterday, of leukemia. Most of us didn't even know she was sick.

Joy was one of those people that I always wanted to get to know better. On LJ, she was caring and interesting. I didn't get to hang out with her in person many times, but when I did, she always made me feel really welcome. As cliche as it may sound, she was one of those people who lit up the room. Joy was a pure soul. The world is a lesser place without her.

My deepest condolences to her friends and family, especially thorax86, the friend I met her through. I'm thinking of you.

And -- yes, I know it's cliche, but it's cliche for a reason -- remember that the time we have is short, sometimes shorter than we realize. Let someone know that you care about them. Life's too short for regrets.

Rest in peace, Joy.
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