May 18th, 2004


Impeccable timing.

Well, for the most part I'm over whatever it was that I had last week... except for a stubborn and occasionally productive cough which is making me exceptionally hoarse and really not all that interested in talking.

...Which means, of course, that today is the day I have to do a presentation at work.

Bleh. At least I get lunch out of it.
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Levels of canon (heavy on the Homicide/L&O/Bab5 references)

Last night TNT was again airing the first Law and Order/Homicide crossover, Charm City/For God and Country, and it hit me at some point near the end: I am convinced that at some point during that crossover Tim Bayliss and Claire Kincaid got it on. Or at least made out passionately in the alley behind the Waterfront.

It got me thinking about the different levels of canon and subtext which relate to interpersonal relationships between characters. They don't have to mean sex but they usually do because what's the big deal about showing two characters are buddies? Shows will usually come out and show that. There are a few types:

  • Official Canon: It happened onscreen and there's no denying it. Example: Sheridan and Delynn, Falsone and Ballard *retch*. Personally, I think people are least interested in these because it happened, we know it happened, reading between the lines is much more interesting. (Note: I am still only halfway done with Babylon 5. If you spoil me, I will gut you.)
  • Semi-Official Canon: You thought you could read it between the lines, and then one of the head honchos confirmed it in an interview. Examples: Jack and Claire, Susan and Talia, Tim's love for Frank
  • Official-in-My-Head Canon: You think you can read it between the lines, nobody's made it official but you're still convinced. Examples: the above-mentioned Tim and Claire, Munch and Kay (at least on his side), Alex and Olivia
  • Because-I-Said-So Canon: There's absolutely no evidence, but that's not stopping you. Examples: Most slash, almost anything edie22 writes, anything I write in which Munch and Kay are actually having sex.

So, what are your favorites in the last three categories?

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Strong Bad by theevilbunny

This makes me happy.

One of my favorite movies of the past several years is Shrek. Howlingly funny, great music, lots of little gags to pick up on when rewatching, and one of the few movie romances I've found truly moving. I was, honestly, not too thrilled when I heard they were doing a sequel, because sequels usually suck, and anyway, how do you do a sequel to a fairy tale? I was imagining all those dreadful Disney straight-to-video sequels (think Cinderella 2: Electric Boogaloo). Well, here's a pleasant surprise:

Shrek 2 even better than Shrek

"At one point, Donkey turns to Puss-in-Boots with the withering comment, 'I'm sorry, but the position of annoying talking animal has already been taken.'"

Rock on.
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Martina, by relevantpink!

Most of you are probably used to the references to Martina, my favorite role-playing character, the peasant girl who ran away to join the circus and became a double-rapiered swashbuckler. Well, relevantpink did this wonderful drawing of her. I showed it to my gaming group and they loved it, with one person saying "wow, that's just the way I pictured her." Thanks, honey! Admire the relevantpink's talent!!

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