May 21st, 2004

Martina by relevantpink and 10dimensions

The good, the bad, and the what the crap?!

The good:

  • Taking yesterday afternoon off to sleep and drink half a gallon of orange juice seems to have greatly improved my health. Thanks for the text-messages!
  • The lack of gaming this weekend will likely also help, because it means a very laid-back weekend.
  • The network seems to be working today.
  • I have a shiny new wonderful default icon that 10dimensions made from  relevantpink's drawing of Martina!
  • Lunch today with  la_poubelle and her co-worker
  • margarita_fri with many wonderful people and the all-important 10dimensions' opinion on various stuff that I'm not ready to talk about here yet</span>
  • It's Friday. 'Nuff said.

The bad:

  • We don't eat for another hour or so and I'm fucking starving
  • la_poubelle's co-worker has delicate ears so I don't get to drop any f-bombs
  • Throat still scratchy
  • Students still can't make ILL requests correctly in spite of my presentation on Wednesday
  • No gaming this weekend. No hitting things. WAAAAAAAAH
  • It's just a matter of time till the network goes down again
  • Bush still president.

The what the crap?!:

  • The half-assed citations students are using in their ILL requests. I get a headache just looking at them, let alone trying to clean them up.
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