June 4th, 2004



In an attempt to deal with my work frustrations, I've been thumbing through a book titled Dealing with Difficult People in the Library.

The book is making me kind of depressed. Its advice in many places is basically the library is a public service, so suck it up. The example given is the cranky dad who rushes in three minutes before the library closes because his kid has a report due the next day. The librarian stays late to help the guy, who as he leaves is bitching because it took so long to get some books. My blood just boils reading that, but the book's only real advice is "don't take it personally." Oh, and the more people abuse you, the more you should suck up to them to "prove that you're listening to them as a person."

Am I expecting too much in thinking that people should be polite? That people should take responsibility for their own actions? Am I an idealist? An elitist? A fucking hypocrite because I can be plenty rude when I want to be?

Maybe I'm just not cut out for a service industry. Then again, I don't think I know anyone who is.
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