June 14th, 2004


Monday's edition of "what the fuck is this shit"

Mattel to launch Barbie clothing line for adults

Geez. My thoughts:

  • Just because something sells well in Japan doesn't mean that we necessarily need it stateside. Sushi = good. Tentacle porn = depends on who you ask. Hello Kitty vibrators = no comment.
  • Who the hell pays fifty bucks for a t-shirt? I wouldn't have paid that much even for my beloved "I'm pro-snark and I vote" shirt. More dollars than sense, obviously.
  • It's annoying enough to have Barbie taking over the younger set with her particularly frightening shade of pink; what does it say about us as adult women if we decide we want to dress like little girls? That we want to emulate a piece of plastic and celebrate it as the ultimate in femininity?
  • Of course, if they come out with a sparkly princess dress in my size that I can actually afford, all bets are off.
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