June 15th, 2004


Tuesdays are overrated.

Forgive me if I'm groggy today. groove_haircut and I were out way too late drinking at Manuel's and being bitchy liberals. Well, we started out being bitchy liberals and ended up geeking out over Homicide and Cowboy Bebop. I swear, sometimes I think that's a subconscious (or, more likely, not-so-subconscious) thing I do when meeting people, find a way to bring up Homicide and if they go "yeah! I loved that show!" I know there's a pretty good chance we'll get along just fine. So yeah. Much fun was had. The world needs more great conversationalists like groove_haircut. Hmm, I wonder if I'm a good conversationalist? Or just loud?
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It's the tech version of WWE Raw.

Yahoo and GMail in free-email smackdown

More information from the New York Times and Slashdot, courtesy of unanon

Maybe Yahoo should have waited a little longer to debut the new space, appreciated though it is, because my Yahoo account is not loading for crap, so half the time I don't know if I have new messages in my big new nice shiny mailbox.

And then GMail. Well, I have GMail now, though I haven't connected it to LiveJournal because of the complaints about LJ comment notification emails. And I've had the account less than 24 hours (and don't have any invite codes yet, because I know that's what you're thinking), but so far... I like it. It's a cleaner interface than Google, and ariedana and I think it's kind of like email and IM rolled into one. Yeah. So, the best place to get a hold of me these days is probably kellinator at gmail.

At any rate, I'm curious to watch what happens.

And yeah, count me in as one of those who feels cool just to have a GMail account. Like I got geek cred or something. I'm in the club. Yes, this is silly, but I think it's also a natural human reaction to anything involving invite codes.
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