June 16th, 2004

Frank and Tim by logand

New credo

It's a free country. You have the right to be an idiot. But I have the right to mock you for being an idiot.

This post is inspired directly by the idiots in the_barn, The Shield fan community ("Vic put Dutch in his place!! Yaay!!" -- You idiots, how can I make it any clearer, Vic is NOT a hero, he shot another cop in cold blood, for cripes sake), but it applies to an awful lot of shit.
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Steve Nash


Congratulations to the Detroit Pistons, who finished taking down the Lakers and putting on a clinic in defense and teamwork last night. They won because they were the better team, not just because the Lakers shut down. (Seriously, were any of them even trying? Wankers.)

Give credit where credit is due. Ralph Wiley called it before the Finals even started in this excellent column. Wish he could have been here to see it. As for the other reporters -- it was damned amusing watching Stephen A. Smith trip all over himself in his attempt to jump off the Laker bandwagon.

Have a nice summer, Lakers! Be sure to snipe at each other lots in the media so I'll have something to snark on this summer!
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Not too proud to beg

Is anyone out there a fan of making icons with some spare time? There are a few icon ideas I've had (mostly cop shows), but I totally lack icon-making skill.
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Martina by relevantpink and 10dimensions

Gaming humor

First, the necessary background.

As most of you already know, I play a swashbuckler named Martina in streamweaver's RPG. (That's her in the icon, as drawn by relevantpink.) Martina has twice incurred injuries that should have killed her, but, thanks to the miracle known as hero points, simply maimed her. The first of these was brain damage that made her a very picky eater and ended up mainly manifesting itself as a tendency to throw up at the drop of a hat. The second was a throat injury that had me terrified -- Martina fancies herself the party smartass, and would quite likely go crazy if unable to talk (just like me) -- but luckily I just rolled a 2 on severity so instead Martina has a deep smoker's voice. Think Kathleen Turner.

Well, I just told streamweaver that I've devised a couple of new feats I think Martina should take:

  • Deadly Barf. Once per day per character level, PC can projectile-vomit as a ranged attack. Victim must make a DC20 fortitude save or incur 3d6 of damage from the stomach acids plus 1d6 in temporary con damage.

  • Scream of Power. Once per day, PC can let out a bloodcurdling scream that does 6d6 damage to all enemies in an eighty-foot radius (DC25 reflex save for half damage).

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