July 6th, 2004

Steve Nash

Laker Snark, Coach K edition

Yesterday we were enjoying Brunch of the Living Dead at vernard's when I came bounding out to screech to amary that Coach K had decided not to leave Duke for the Lakers. We then high-fived and turned on ESPN, much to the confusion of some of the guys who couldn't figure out why girls were the ones watching ESPN while the guys ignored it.

So anyway, I'm delighted to see that Coach K was indeed smart enough to stay where he is revered as a god instead of going someplace where he'd just be Kobe's bitch. Not to mention the college and pro games are completely different beasts, and no way would Coach K's style fly in L.A. Can you imagine his reaction to Jack Nicholson?

And is Coach K a lousy liar or what? "No, players leaving early had no impact on my decision. No, Kobe and Shaq possibly leaving had no impact on my decision." Come on, Coach K. If those things didn't have an impact, then how did you make your decision? Flipping a coin? It's okay to sound human. Your fans will love you for it, and the Duke-haters will hate you anyway, so don't sweat it.

Anyway, the pressure of constantly having to come up with three new features for each edition of LakersCenter is clearly starting to wear on the NBA analysts at ESPN. Like all this "Rudy T is the best choice and the players will respect him because he has two championships" bullcrap. First of all, am I the only one who remembers that Tomjanovich was basically forced out at Houston? Second, hardly anyone remembers that he won two championships in Houston, probably because they were during Jordan's first retirement and and therefore most commentators (and Phil Jackson) don't consider them "real" championships. And finally, if the Lakers didn't respect Phil Freakin' Jackson with Nine Freakin' Championships, then who the hell are they going to respect?

And giving props where they're due, I just wanted to thank the Lakers again for exceeding even my wildest expectations of postseason drama. Now I don't even have to get my daily dose of schadenfreude from LJ.
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Phone Post: The Cat's Meow

140K 0:34
“Here at <a href = "http://www.criminal.com/index.html">Criminal Records</a> there's something on the shelf called <a href = "http://pc59te.dte.uma.es/cdb/series/dc/richarddragon.htm"><i>Richard Dragon.</i></a> The tagline for this month is "In the Shadow of Nightwing." Look, if you're in the shadow of Nightwing you're in trouble because he's in Batman's shadow, so that's when you know you're lame. There's also the first volume of <i>Batman: The Animated Series</i> which is good news. The bad news is it has a free movie pass inside for <a href = "http://catwoman.warnerbros.com/"><i>Catwoman</i></a>. <u>Real</u> Batman fans, the people who are buying <i>Batman: The Animated Series</i>, the target audience here, aren't going to see <i>Catwoman</i> because it <b><i>sucks.</b></i>”

Transcribed by: ga_sunshine