July 13th, 2004

we got lions by alanator

Idle question for all you oh-so-knowledgeable computer geeks

What's the cheapest that one can get a decent computer?

The IT department here was selling off some old computers for ten bucks apiece, but of course they ran out before my turn in line came, dammit. The professors got their pick before the staff. I'm not in urgent need of a computer, but I would like to upgrade one of these days. What are the least expensive options out there?
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Miniature pictures!!

The Reaper miniature painting day at the War Room last weekend went terrifically and we're hoping to make a monthly event of it. And one of the attendees was kind enough to take some pictures of my minis! Furthermore, I actually figured out how to put them on the web all by myself. I'm so proud I could pop. The War Room isn't really the best environment for taking photos (the gold isn't quite so loud in the actual minis), but I believe you can get the idea from these.

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I think you can get a better view of what she actually looks like from this picture:

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And here are a couple of my other early minis -- flawed, to be sure, but not bad for a beginner, I think:

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Comments and painting tips appreciated!
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Phone Post:

96K 0:23
“Clearly Munch was wrong when he said "Crime makes you stupid." He should have said "Writing formulaic crime shows makes you stupid." Stabler and Benson are looking for a perp with intimate forensic knowledge. So, who do they go arrest? A junkie who's too high to tie his own shoe laces. *sigh* Dick Wolf, you hired such horrible writeres. Call me, I'll do it for cheap.”

Transcribed by: vanguardian