July 21st, 2004


"Liberal media", my ass.

Don't you think it's interesting that in the midst of a disastrous war, an election year, and ever more revelations about how dissent from the current administration can cost you your job, CNN.com's major story from the past couple of days has been all about Sandy Berger and his memos.

Not to excuse anything he may have done, of course, but when you've tried to avoid speaking to the families of 9/11 victims and also tried to keep the 9/11 commission from taking the time it needs, your sudden obsession with the absolute propriety in the goings-on is suspect to say the least.
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Jeopardy! by darkmattr

Update on the Kult of Ken

kenjennings is up to 90 members.

However, I would estimate only about three of them are legal to play the Ken Jennings Drinking Game, as passed on by parilous.

My personal, Kellinator-only version of the Ken Jennings Drinking Game is much simpler: Every time he's mentioned, I do a shot.

theashifaction is trying to cheer me up by pointing out "you batteled against a legend. thats NOBLE. thats something to tell your grandchildren." My personal plan is when I hit 70, I'm going to send the Jeopardy producers a heartwarming letter about how as a young girl I had my ass handed to me by The Great Ken Jennings, and could I audition again to show my grandkids? Then I'll go out and kick some half-my-age ass. Then again, this is of course assuming I'll have brain cells left after twenty years of the Ken Jennings Drinking Game.

EDIT: Be sure to check out the Sports Guy's take on Ken, courtesy of mgrasso.
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Feed me, Seymour

You know what the problem is with having those healthy little 200-calorie frozen salad bowls for lunch?

They're two hundred calories.

That icon is starting to look disturbingly tasty...
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