August 3rd, 2004

Munch by kimberly_a

I'm back!!

Arrived back in Atlanta late last night and am now back at work. I stand no chance of catching up with my friends list (which drives me crazy.... I haaaaaate missing out on stuff), so if you wrote something you want me to see, let me know.

The visit home was great. Mom spoiled me rotten, Dad and I got along really well, my brother was even in a pretty good mood, and my brother's new girlfriend (I still think of her as his "new" girlfriend even though they celebrated their one-year anniversary last weekend) and I bonded by trading drinking stories and talking smack about my brother's ex-fiancee.

I miss my mom. I wouldn't describe myself as exceptionally close to my father or brother, but I get really clingy every time it's time for me to say goodbye to my mom.

Saying goodbye to my grandmother gets harder every time... each time I'm more and more afraid that it'll be the last time. She's getting really wobbly and had to hang on to my arm to walk a lot. My mom and I talked about how upsetting it was, even though she's 88 and has had a full life by any standard. Mom said, "It's because she's scared." And she's right. My other grandmother, the one with Alzheimer's, was very dependent on my grandfather and pretty much stated after he passed away that she was ready to join him. Granny Lane doesn't feel like that. And that's the worst part, seeing her scared.


Also, I've pretty much concluded that I cannot watch TV news without completely losing my temper. Expect even more inane Sportscenter-type babblings from me as the election gets closer.

I also have about a million things I want to write about for TV Underground and no clue when I'm going to have time for any of it. You're reading it, right?

So yeah... I'm back. What's up with you?
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