August 6th, 2004


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This morning on the way in to work I saw an adorable convertible with the following bumper sticker:

If God is not a Tarheel,
Then why is the sky Carolina Blue?

First thought: "Man, ariedana would love to have that."

Second thought: "Man, that would piss sertrel the hell off."
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Steve Nash

Looks like it's time for me to mock Danny Ainge again.

Or maybe it's time for me to go up to Boston and smack Danny Ainge.

Lakers Trade Gary Payton to Celtics

Seriously, what in the hell is Danny Ainge smoking? I thought Mormons had strictures against that. Did he not watch the playoffs? WHAT IN THE FUCK IS HE THINKING?! It's not even like he'll be getting a big contract off the books!!

Not to mention this really diminishes the amount of Lakers Drama I can look forward to next season.

Please, somebody try and convince me that Danny Ainge knows what he's doing...

EDIT: Sports Guy and longtime Celtics fan Bill Simmons seems to think this doesn't suck. I guess we'll find out.
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