August 10th, 2004

Aragorn by delectableoomph

Strange things are afoot at the Death Stop...

Remember I posted about seeing those stormtroopers in the law school a while back? I've seen them again on campus. Getting into a cop car.

Just imagine the possibilities here...

  • carrying a concealed blaster
  • expired x-wing registration
  • excessive use of (the) Force
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Phone Post:

98K 0:23
“ok if I was talking to your earlier on instant messenger and I just disappeared, I wasn't doing that on purpose. My lovely universities network connection went out for about the bazillionth time. I'd start
doing a shot every time that happened except well, then I'd get fired. And two cars just pulled out in front of me. perhaps its just not my lucky evening.

Perhaps it is not my lucky evening.”

Transcribed by: vernard