August 11th, 2004

rum by stareychan

Odd moments of maternal love

I sent my mom an email in which I mentioned that I was feeling down and I got this response:

"Sorry you aren't feeling good. But wait Margarita Friday is coming."

I had no idea my mom understood me so well...
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Jeopardy! by darkmattr

Yaay!! We broke Gmail!!

la_poubelle and I have been experimenting with seeing what Gmail will give us ads for based on what words we use in our emails. Gmail has a program that scans for certain words and gives you related text ads on the side -- like, if you're talking about the GMAT, it'll give you ads for GMAT prep courses. The program supposedly won't put ads in if it detects certain inappropriate words, like, you know, virtually any word that comes out of my mouth on a regular basis, and words that might indicate that ads would be really fucking inappropriate, like, say, "my dog died."

So we were debating what ads certain foul words might get us and look what popped up on the side:

Taboo word causes Scrabble buzz

I think they're on to us!
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Oh good heavens help us...

The latest idea from Herr Shrub: Let's get rid of the income tax and replace it with a national sales tax.

This is the worst idea I've heard from the Idiot-in-Chief since... oh, who's counting?

I don't know a lot about economics, but I come from Tennessee, home of one of the highest sales taxes in the nation (including on food, and yes I do mean groceries). And sales taxes are definitely regressive.

Do the math. Say a person needs x amount of food to survive, taxed at 8%. For Bill Gates that tax is nothing; for the average middle-class American it's an 8% jump in the food bill. Talk about your cost of living increase...

I guess this is his way of saying he doesn't think he's put enough of the tax burden on the middle and lower class.

And if this post pisses you off, I don't give a fuck.

EDIT: Excellent article from blackacre:
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