August 26th, 2004



I think everyone on LiveJournal needs a good "bitch, please" icon.

EDIT: Is it still a "bitch, please" icon if it doesn't exactly say "bitch, please"?
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More costume ditherings

Okay. So, the party rapidly approaches. Which is good because it means I'll get to stop running around chasing costume components.

  • The Corset -- check
  • The skirt to go with The Corset -- check
  • The tiara I stole from the homecoming queen after I beat her up -- check
  • The Scepter of Snark -- on its way thanks to the incomparable rocketmelee
  • The glittery devil horns -- ditto
  • The new haircut from the also incomparable bellwitch -- check
  • The fresh box of hair dye -- waiting at home
  • The fishnets -- check
  • The Mary Janes from hell -- check
  • The blingy rhinestone necklace -- check (I'd rather have a choker, but chokers make my neck look fat)
  • The makeup -- check, mostly
  • The glitter - -duh, I always have glitter

So, I believe the only question that remains to be settled is: opera gloves or no opera gloves? Your feedback requested.

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MunchenKay by streamweaver

Best. Icon. Ever.

Lookie what streamweaver made me!! It's a MunchenKay icon!! Isn't it perfect? Thanks, Scott!!

(MunchenKay are my OTP. This may force me to write more MunchenKay. Which is definitely not a bad thing...)
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