September 5th, 2004

dangerous by maighdlin

Owwwwwwwwwwwwww from DragonCon...

I think I've exceeded my alloted alcohol intake for the rest of the year...

ariedana, reannon, weaktwos, and I are sitting here in the Ghetto Best Western (which is actually quite nice, they have a free breakfast) driving each other fucking crazy. Apparently last night I insisted on singing along with the Barenaked Ladies on weaktwos's iPod. Face it, folks, I'm lucky to still be alive. I'm amazed my roommates didn't kill me in my sleep. I'm even more amazed that they didn't kill me this morning when I got the giggles at 8:30.

*stops typing for momentary air guitar in the intro to "Money For Nothing"*

Owwwwww, my head...

I think I got online here to post several quotable quotes, but I can't really remember any of them. Most of them had something to do with reannon killing me.

weaktwos: Did you make out with him?
ariedana: No, I wanted to give him cocoa.
weaktwos: So did you give him a handjob?
ariedana: I said I wanted to give him cocoa. What about that screams "handjob"?

We're currently arguing over whether "handjob" is one word or two.

reannon: I was a pure innocent flower before I got here!
kellinator: Who writes for Ellora's Cave, bitch!!

ariedana: You turn into a drama queen when you're drunk.

reannon: LiveJournal. We're all fucked.

There were many many more quotes. But most of them made me look like an asshole I can't remember most of them. So just imagine something completely insane and obnoxious and we probably said it.

Two out of four roommates are currently on the phone. I know better. If I called any of you people at this hour, you'd kill me.
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Munch by kimberly_a

DragonCon update

Feel like shit. Look like shit. Car's been booted. Liver has put it in no uncertain terms that it's never speaking to me again. Broke. Reallllllllly broke. Haven't been hit on nearly enough. Bound to make an ass of myself in front of Jason Carter. Neuroses out of control.

I suppose you could say I'm having the full con experience.
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