September 13th, 2004


Felicity the swashbuckler from hell

You know what happens when you let a total pop-culture whore roleplay a totally impulsive character who always says the first thing to come into her head? You get Felicity, and you get some anachronisms that would make any self-respecting GM cry.

Witness, for instance:

  • Once during a fit of delusional paranoia caused by an evil staff (don't ask), Felicity ran out of camp screaming "They're after me lucky charms!!"
  • Felicity was once possessed by the ghost of a drunk halfling thief. Somehow it took the rest of the party two hours to catch on to this, even with Felicity doing such out of character things as hitting on every halfling chick in the tavern. Upon spottingsujata's halfling monk Kendal across the room, possessed Felicity shrieked "Helloooo nurse!!"</span>john666 laughed for five minutes and still claims this is my finest roleplaying moment.
  • Felicity's idea for luring a notoriously misogynist baddie out of hiding? Skipping through the forest singing "la la la la la, I'm going to put together the evil staff and take over the world, and then I'm going to paint everything pink, la la la la la."
  • As Kari the half-elf priestess was clinging to Franz, Felicity's pseudo-husband (long story which bored geeks can find here), Felicity took the opportunity to remind her that "My man ain't yo baby daddy." Kari's response? "Not now, not ever."
  • Near the end of last night's session, Felicity totally flubbed a saving throw despite the use of a karma point and became dehabilitatingly depressed. After a while of whining and moaning, Felicity left the room and returned twenty minutes later in full Goth attire, complete with curlicued spiral drawn in eyeliner. She then invented what she's calling "the drama queen dance." First one hand to the forehead! Then the other! Then the first! Then the other!

Folks, I have no illusions. The only reason they're still letting me play is that I bring chocolate.

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How I got myself in trouble most recently

So, I made a long rambling phone post yesterday, and rather than attempting to transcribe it, I'm going to attempt to write it out a little more clearly.

Or more than likely I'll get pissed again halfway through the writing and I'll just half-assedly throw it on the page to get it out of my system...

Yesterday afternoon I was getting back in my car after picking up some gaming treats to take to Athens and I saw two women getting out of a car. I had to squint to read the bumper sticker, it was all so shoved together:

10 out of 10 terrorists agree... Anybody But Bush

I started to just roll my eyes, get back in my car and play some loud music, but I figured they'd seen me, with my Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker, gawking at the car already, and, well, it's one thing to run my mouth on LiveJournal where I know that a lot of people agree with me, but have I really tried to make a real difference?

So I approached the car, and as politely as I could, I said, "Excuse me, ma'am, but if you're so certain that the terrorists don't want Bush, why is it that our one big terrorist attack came while he was in office?"

One woman looked like she might have been ready to at least offer some reasoning, but the other one, who was obviously in charge, snarled "Oh please!!" and stomped off. The other woman, who was mumbling something along the lines of "I don't really like him but..." looked at me semi-apologetically as I turned and yelled over my shoulder "A mind is a terrible thing to open!"

I then got in the car and left scarcrest a voicemail of which he later said, "I understood my name and that was about it."

...Was it the right thing to do? I don't know. All I know is that I felt that I had to say something, to at least attempt to start a dialogue. It's all very well to post links and rants here, but I don't think I'm making anyone think.

...At the same time, I seriously doubt I made them think, and I definitely raised my blood pressure, which is something I've been trying not to do during this election.

I don't know if there really can be open dialogue at this point anymore. We're too divided. And I include myself in that group. Certain things are like waving a red flag in front of me these days. I honestly don't understand how anyone could vote for Bush. And I suppose that makes me part of the problem.
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