September 16th, 2004


Today's dose of blasphemy

As some of you know, my favorite novel is The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I love it beyond all reason. It's pure poetry. I wish I had a huge poster of the cover hanging over my mantel. (I wish I had a mantel, but that's another story.)

So imagine my reaction to the news from blistermoth:

Paris Hilton in line to play Daisy Buchanan in Gatsby remake

If anyone needs me, I'll be dry-heaving. Even Daisy Buchanan isn't that vapid!
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Fun (or not) with hurricanes

I've been splitting time today between gawking at the radar and gawking out the window.

It's been getting progressively darker and the rain's been picking up all afternoon... right now, it's pouring about as hard as I've ever seen it in Atlanta, and if the radar's any indication, it will be for a while. I'm dreading the thoughts of driving home, but at least I don't have far to go, as opposed to some of my co-workers who live OTP.* Said co-workers are making me nervous by tinkering with the storm alert radio. If I'm lucky maybe I'll be able to time getting home between the storm bands, but I doubt it.

Plus, I have a splitting headache. Normally christine9600's invitation out to Za would be quite enticing, but I figure if there was ever a night for flannel pajamas and hot chocolate, this is it.

Not that this is a problem. Truth be told, I love storms.

I wonder how long this is going to keep up. I'd really like to go to relevantpink's party tomorrow night, but if the weather's like this, I don't know that I'll feel comfortable driving to Athens.

* Outside the Perimeter
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Writing meme ganked from deza

"Write something for me. Just for me. A sentence, a paragraph. Nanofiction. Short story. A scene, dialogue, a picture described, a moment, anything. Long or short. But it's got to be just for me.

Then feel free to put this up in your own journal, and I'll reciprocate."
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