September 17th, 2004

bitch by alanator

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ivan

So last night a little before 8 I was lounging in front of the TV in my pajamas waiting for the microwave to finish.

Me: Ahh, a whole night to spoil myself rotten after the hurricane and the headaches. I wonder what mindless TV I should watch next?
Electricity: *dies*
Me: Apparently, nothing.

All was not lost, though. My landlords invited me upstairs for tacos and guacamole by candlelight. My landlady and I ended up sitting up till midnight trading stories and drinking strawberry margaritas. (Can't let the ice go to waste, you know...)

I think the power came back on sometime around 6. All I know is I didn't have to shower in the dark (basement apartment, pitch black, yo) and this makes me happy. However, it didn't stop me from nicking my ankle. Two hours later and it's still bleeding. I'm on my fourth Band-Aid.

I really want to be back in bed right now.
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This is who I am.

Here's a picture which eaterofgodz took of 10dimensions and me last week at margarita_fri.

kellinator: Hey Dave! Take a picture of Julie and me with our rumtinis!
10dimensions: But why does he have to take a picture of something he can see every weekend?

I really like this picture. As much as I like vamping for the camera in The Corset, that's not really how I see myself. This is more like it. You can't tell, but I'm wearing the "I'm pro-snark and I vote" shirt. And doesn't 10dimensions look adorable?

Here's to good times!
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Queen of Snark by arkhamrefugee

Poll time!!

This poll shamelessly stolen from ariedana, who has to forgive me because she's my cousin. I'll post the funniest answers later, so be creative with your hatin' details.

Poll #351652 playa-haters unite!!

Which celebrity do you most love to hate? (and please don't give me that crap about not being into "that stuff")

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