September 21st, 2004


Oh look, what a surprise, I'm bitching.

I'm going to start rating my morning commute by how many profanities I use (with double points for any new ones I make up on the spot). This morning was a 30 at least.

...I was going to blow off some steam here by posting a big nasty rant about parking and traffic and the culture around here, but then I got to work and found a whole new round of things to piss me off, so fuck it.
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Queen of Snark by arkhamrefugee

I'm going to be published! Well, kinda...

I believe I've told most of you that LiveJournal's own reannon has recently published her first vampire smut erotic vampire mystery, Nocturnal Urges. She gave a totally kick-ass reading from it (and other works) at DragonCon and I recommend that you go get it now. Yay for vampire smut!

Anyway, reannon is now working on the sequel to Nocturnal Urges, which will bring back its most popular character, Detective Anne Freitas. Det. Freitas takes her name (and her awesome don't-fuck-with-me attitude) from another of LiveJournal's own, weaktwos. But this time she's got a new challenge to contend with while solving murders: "her smartass new partner."

Who is named after guess who.

It kinda goes without saying who the comic relief in this book is, y'know?

reannon is also planning some sort of subplot that will make Det. Kellinator "a much more interesting character." She won't tell me, and I'm not sure I want to know.

Personally, I'm wondering if she's going to make me a vampire. Because, ya know, the only thing better than being a smartass detective is being a smartass vampire detective.

(Hey folks, I'm happy. At DragonCon reannon was threatening to base a character on Ann Coulter and name her after me. You probably heard the screaming if you were in the Marriott on Sunday night.)
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If Dante had lived in Atlanta...

Love me and despair, for I have just descended into the seventh circle of hell and, however improbably, returned to tell the tale.

In other words, I just went to the university parking office.

It's easy to tell that something is not quite right when you go in. The rest of Atlanta is balmy and beautiful, but the parking office is 90 degrees and humid. Time outside passes normally, but within the parking office it slows to a crawl. Simple tasks such as printing out a receipt take ten minutes at least. And the whole time you're sweating.

It wasn't total agony, though. I've actually made it far enough on the waiting list that perhaps by the end of the year I'll no longer have to park in a deck two miles from campus. But I'm sure you'll forgive me if I don't hold my breath.
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