September 22nd, 2004

SVU by frey_at_last

SVU snark

I have got to find healthier ways of dealing with my stress. Ways that do not include lying on the floor eating ice cream.

I'm still trying to decide if I would describe the Law and Order: Special Victims Unit premiere as "sucktastic" or "craptacular". Hmmm, think I'll take both and call it even. Collapse )

After witnessing this train wreck, I had to call sertrel to diss on it. We bitched about how the writers can't write Munch at all and I said they could hire me for $300 a week to write three Munch lines per episode. Like, a hundred bucks a line. And they'd be good lines. It's a bargain. sertrel took the position that I'd neevr last because the average intelligence or lack thereof of the average SVU writer would drive me as batshit crazy as one of those failed sitcom stars doing a guest bit. I told him that I'd send the rest of the writers out for a Ben and Jerry's run and write the whole episode while they were gone.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, ice cream to ice cream. I think that's a good stopping point for this post.

There's a little black cloud hanging over my head today. I wish it'd go away.

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