September 24th, 2004


Bad vibes

I wonder what it is about us that makes us have instant, visceral reactions to people we don't know.

(Context: A law alum just came in looking for my boss and complaining about a fine. Something about her put me off immediately. It was probably the bitching about the fine, but I digress.)

Sometimes back when I was working at Crystal Blue I'd be waiting on someone and I'd just get really creeped out and uncomfortable. Of course, this being Crystal Blue, I could just mutter something about bad energy and one of my co-workers would rescue me.

But what is it that sometimes gives us an instant bad reaction to a person we know not at all? Is it just giving in to our base prejudices, like mine against whiny lawyers? Or are we maybe, just maybe, picking up on something? What's the saying? Ah, here it is:

"Trust your hunches. They're usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level." ~Joyce Brothers

Ah Google, how I heart thee.
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Overheard at the University of the Damned

My co-workers and I had to go to get our campus IDs replaced today at lunchtime. We were standing there waiting while an extremely stereotypical undergrad was babbling to her friends about why she just couldn't be bothered to go to her math class which is boring because she doesn't understand what's going on:

"That's like fifty minutes out of my life when I could be napping or eating!"

We just stared at each other in shocked horror as the student whatever you are when you're in college but don't actually study anything started sharing with the entire room that she was wearing Superman underwear.
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MunchenKay by streamweaver

Cue the squeeing fangirliness!!

Just got the email confirmation -- my Season 5 Homicide DVDs have shipped!!

*runs around screaming*

Last year, this would have resulted in an all-day Homicide binge (like the Saturday I got Season 3, when I ran around screaming, called scarcrest to brag, watched "Crosetti", called scarcrest again blubbering crying, got vodka and chocolate and watched "The City that Bleeds", called scarcrest yet again bawling and giving my tipsy dissertation on Beau and Kay, ad infinitum ad nauseum...).

But this time around, I'm not even done with the Season 4 DVDs yet. And I know I won't find time for them this weekend, what with a party, a photo shoot, a miniature painting day at the War Room...

It's great to have Homicide. It's even better to have a life.

BTW, to my fellow Munch junkies -- Season 5 has "Kaddish", the Munch episode.
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