September 29th, 2004

we got lions by alanator

In lieu of actual content, linkage!

Courtesy of my darling cousin ariedana, who obviously is out to endanger my life, Wonkette's Debate Drinking Game. It's a damn good thing I'm not planning on being home tomorrow night, because playing this game would leave me either dead of alcohol poisoning or in jail or both.

The author of that apalling piece of antifeminist tripe known as The Rules blames her divorce on bad dental work. Hey, I think I just started believing in karma again!

The Barenaked Ladies are developing a variety show for Fox. I adore the Barenaked Ladies, and their live skits are hysterical, so it's great to see this as a possibility. But since Fox is involved, it'll probably be either really really good and cancelled within five minutes or really really really mind-numbingly soul-suckingly bad.

S.E. Hinton gives up teen lit for sex and vampires. Was everyone in your middle school totally obsessed with The Outsiders, or was that just me?

Order of the Stick: your latest dose of gaming webcomic fun.

Everyone and their brother has already posted this but I can't help myself. Daily Show's "stoned slackers" are not only better educated, they're better informed. Too bad they didn't ask Fox News viewers some questions about Iraq and 9/11 so we could all laugh at them again.
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