October 6th, 2004



As most of you know, I have this duckie obsession, and I've been needing a good duckie icon. Then my boss handed me the latest issue of the New Yorker because he figured I'd like the cover, and voila!! Aren't they cute?
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Beau and Kay by dreamingcrow

The best of LJ

As originated by my beloved cousin ariedana:

"We spend a lot of time on LJ talking about the bad. And that's understandable, because there are few things more entertaining than the bitches and the drama queens. But there's more to life and LJ, and I want to recognize that.

In comments, nominate the LJers who have gone above and beyond for their friends and others, on LJ and elsewhere. Tell us the things they've done that they're too modest to talk about themselves. Thank them publically if you'd like. Anonymous posting is enabled if you feel shy. [However, I'm leaving screened anoymous commenting up, says the Kel.]

And anyone who uses this to trash someone else or to disparage anyone else's nominations will be kicked in the teeth and deleted. Period."
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