October 11th, 2004


Even heroes have the right to bleed...

You know, it's not often that I get emotional over a celebrity death, but I just found out from opening my friends page that Christopher Reeve has died.

I've got some odd gaps in my cultural history, and I think somehow I missed ever watching a Superman movie all the way through. It doesn't matter. Faced with one of the most horrible things that can happen to a person, Reeve didn't give up. He fought for his own recovery and for the recovery of people not yet injured. Now that's a hero.

Rest in peace, Superman.
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I suppose intelligent discourse really is dead.

scarcrest reports that certain parties have not taken well to the Lone Star Iconoclast's endorsement of John Kerry.

"In the past, when individuals disagreed with an editorial, they would write a letter to the editor politely expressing a different point of view in contrast to the views of the publishers, which we have usually published.... The new mode of operation, I am told, is that when a newspaper prints an editorial of which some sectors might disagree, the focus is now upon how to run the newspaper out of business.... Unfortunately, for the Iconoclast and its publishers there have been threats — big ones including physical harm.

...Next time you hear a Republican crowing about how the Republicans are the party of values, I want you to think about the values of threatening and harrassing newspaper employees who aren't even on the editorial staff. I want to you think about the values of trying to silence those who disagree with you, rather than offering articulate reasoning as to why you disagree. And then I want you to think about what kind of values they're really selling you.

Yes, I agree: I am rude and condescending when it comes to politics. In return, I put up with rude and condescending comments from many of my circle, because it's only fair. But I have never threatened those of opposing viewpoints with physical harm (well, maybe alanator, but he was goading me while I was drunk). If these people are willing to do so, you might want to ask yourself exactly what they're afraid of.

If I make it through the next month without losing my fucking mind, it'll be a fucking miracle.
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