October 25th, 2004

makeout by spikesbuffy


I'm back from Florida. The wedding was lovely and I felt really honored to be there. Have you ever heard the opinion that you can tell how the marriage is going to go by how the bride and groom feed each other the wedding cake? Like if they smear it all over each other's faces, there could be trouble? Brent and Kelly had the most beautiful adoring looks on their faces as they delicately fed each other the cake. It was beautiful to see.

The trip was a blast and the drive back yesterday deserves a post of its own. Which it will get eventually, plus photos of redneck-gawking.

I don't stand a chance of catching up with LJ, so if there's something I need to see or hear, let me know here.
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Munch by thermidor

Usual generic weirdness

Wow, the law students must be more stressed than I realized. They're outside having a kegger... on Monday.

(You know it's bad when you need a kegger to get through Monday.)

I am currently on hold with my health care clinic, which for some reason is playing a recording attempting to convince me that I need Botox.
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