November 4th, 2004


We are SO fucked.

This morning I got up almost hopeful. As much as this all sucks, at least it's over. On the drive to work, I was writing a post in my head about all the things we could do to work for a better America.

Then I started reading my friends list and my mood went downhill fast.

Then this afternoon I went to and found this:

"I earned capital in the campaign, political capital, and now I intend to spend it."

I went in my boss' office and said about fifteen times that "we are so screwed."

The man has absolutely no intention whatsoever of trying to bring the country together. His version of being "a uniter, not a divider" is that he tells us what to do and we all get behind him like good little sheep.

I started crying this afternoon in a friend's office. When she said "at least you can get married," I cried harder. Why is it that I could run off to Vegas, pick up some guy I've never seen before, and marry him, and she can't marry the woman she's loved and been faithful to for years and years? It's just wrong.

And for all of you who think homosexuality is Wrong and just the biggest sin you can commit (ahead of killing, lying, and a bunch of other things that actually made the Ten Commandments), all I have to say is: If you think gay sex is wrong, well then don't have it. But you've got no right to tell anyone else they can't. That's between them and God.

I went to a debate on same-sex marriage at Vandy a few years ago. The pro people all got up and said "we're not talking about religious marriage, we don't want to tell any religious group what to do, we're just talking about civil marriage rights." Then the con people got up and screamed about religious marriage for two hours. They're not listening.

Some of you who voted for Bush seem not to understand why this is so upsetting to many of us on the left. If Kerry had been elected, you would still have a voice in politics. The Republican majorities would ensure that. But now, with the Republicans fully in charge of everything and about to start stacking the judiciary, and with Bush's history of saying he'll be a uniter and then doing whatever he damn well pleases, we have no reason to believe that we'll be listened to. We have no reason to believe that we even matter anymore. We're like strangers in a strange land, wondering what's going to be taken from us next.

I've seen that some polyamourous bisexual people voted for Bush because they liked his tax cuts. In all honesty, what are you thinking? Have you not noticed the man's stance on Puritanical morality? Don't think you'll be exempted from his judgment because you voted for him.

I'm so scared. I tried so hard -- so many of us did. But proven facts were no match for the Cult of Bush. Can't you see? It's not about losing. It's about fearing for the American way of life.
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