November 9th, 2004

Munch by thermidor

John Munch: The choice of discriminating fangirls everywhere.

Last night USA reran one of my favorite Law and Order: SVU episodes, "Manhunt", from the second season. It's one of those rare Munch-and-Fin episodes, with the two of them tracking a really sick (even by SVU standards) bastard. It's one of the few SVU episodes to get Munch right, the avenging angel as well as the smartass. The twists were actually somewhat of a surprise, in contrast to the ones they're using these days that I can pick out well before the halfway point, and there were even pauses for that weird stuff... you know, where the characters interact and have personalities and stuff... what's it called... oh yeah! Characterization!

This is one of the main reasons I tend to call sertrel up during the commercials to snark and mock every time I watch a new SVU: because that show can be better than it is. I know it can be, I've seen it. Right now the writing is so atrocious, and Diane Neal is so miserably bad, that it's easy to forget. Not to mention Dick Wolf's heavy-handed hang-the-media message is really taking over all the Law and Orders right now. I've said it before, I'll say it again: Listen up, Dicksmack, if you hate the media so much, then fucking get out of it. You've got no right to bash journalists when your show, which used to have an original idea once in a while, is now dependent upon a new "Ripped from the headlines!!" every week. < / rant >

So yeah... give it up for the Munch-love.

And since the majority of my fellow Munch-girls are as bleeding-heart liberal as I am, here's a link you'll love, a transcript of a recent "Real Time with Bill Maher" where Richard Belzer calls Ann Coulter out, and calls out Maher for defending her:

"She’s a repugnant person who says the most vile things. She lies. She’s a liar and you know that. You just confronted her on ten different things. I mean, come on, man! Some people, you have to call them for what they are."

He also has some pretty insightful comments. Damn cool.
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