November 29th, 2004



I have returned from the cold frozen North(ern South). I don't stand a chance of catching up on the ol' flist, so if something important happened or you wrote something really cool, let me know? Please?
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Great moments in voicemail history

Over the weekend thegreyman called me and, upon getting no answer, apparently assumed that I was neglecting him and christine9600 to do something far more prurient than visiting my family. So when I checked my voicemail, I was greeted by his screech of "PUT DOWN THE DICK AND STEP AWAY!!"

When I returned his call, the first thing I said was, "You know, considering that I'm visiting my family in Tennessee, your dick message was pretty disturbing."

(And while I'm on the subject, thanks for all the terrific text-messages, which did make me feel very spay-shul. You guys are nothing if not creative!)
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