December 14th, 2004

snarky librarian by bouncepogo

Lookie! I'm thinking like a lawyer!

I was just printing out an article for a professor and happened to read the first sentence or so:

"Law professors often tell first-year students that they should concentrate less on learning the rules of a particular subject, such as property or contracts, and more on the elusive goal of 'thinking like a lawyer.' Entering students, whose impressions of law school may have been shaped by popular culture, often believe their teachers."

Something about that pop culture bit got me thinking... Let me try this.

"Dammit, the ethics committee called again. My assistant is hot. I wonder what I can do today to piss my boss off. I think I'll drink some Scotch."

No, dammit, that's just thinking like Jack McCoy.

This would have been a better entry if I had written a bunch of those and let you guess who I was thinking like, but unfortunately I've just realized that that's really just about it for me and TV lawyers. Now, if they were cops...
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Strong Bad by theevilbunny

32 degrees: Water freezes, Floridians hibernate, Minnesotans go to the beach.

It's fuckin' collllllllllld out there.

And I'm saying this as someone who likes the cold, enjoys the cold, has been stomping around declaring "it's too fuckin' warm for December." I'm happy that in the past few days it's finally gotten seasonally-appropriate cold, but damn, it's cold.

I don't think the cold would throw me quite so much if it weren't for the fact that it seems every college campus in the South seems to turn the heat waaaaay up the second the temperature dips below 50. Back at Vandy, I can remember times that it was snowing (though in Nashville, "snow" is more of an honorific given to flurries to improve their self-esteem) and I still had my windows open trying to cool down the room. I'm wearing a sweater that came out of the dryer overly fuzzy this morning, and every time today I've come inside, I've felt like an overstuffed Muppet.

Note: I'm from Tennessee. People from further north should read the first sentence of this post as "It's kinda cool out there." People from Florida should read it as "It's fuckin' FRIGID out there."
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