December 17th, 2004

we got lions by alanator

Maybe I have been a good girl after all!

Apparently Professor Santa came by my desk while I was away, because I have two bottles of wine and a humongous box of chocolates. They sure do know the way to my heart, don't they?

But the best gift was a lovely note from one of my favorite professors, taped to one of the wine bottles. This is one of our most distinguished and celebrated professors, a man who's constantly reading, writing, and studying. Yet he has always treated me with manners and respect, and never misses a chance to say "thank you." He even thanks me in the acknowledgements in his books.

It's not that hard to be human, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Wow, I feel positively Christmasy!
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Lest you think I was getting all warm and cuddly...

No sooner did I make that last post than one of the pains in my ass from a local law firm calls wanting something. Buddha H. Sweatpants. Don't these people ever clue in?

I wonder if I could get away with leaving the following voicemail while I'm away for the holidays:

"Hello, you have reached the office of Kellinator Jones. I'm away for the holidays, why aren't you? Please hang up the phone and go hug your kid. If you are from a local law firm and want something RIGHT THIS MINUTE, please hang up the phone and go fuck yourself."
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