January 6th, 2005


What I've been up to, writing-wise

In the interests of proving I actually have been doing some writing lately:

spikepage and her husband, who I met through the Atlanta miniatures painting group (we're painting at the War Room this Sunday afternoon if anyone wants to join us) got me hooked on Warlord, Reaper Miniatures' new tabletop skirmish game. They've got a pretty cool website for it where you can record your battles (you're placed in a province according to your actual geographic location) and get point for your victories. I'm playing Elves and so far I'm 4 out of 7. They're accepting fan fiction for points. This is especially intriguing to me; since they've said that battles will affect the overall story as it goes on, I'm hoping they might count in some fanfic too. Here's my first submission:

Broken Arrows

I'm pretty pleased with it. I need to get to work on my next one.
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