March 15th, 2005

Steve Nash

Great. I can always use an excuse to be Mad.

So technically, March Madness starts today with the play-in game. I have to say, the entire concept of the play-in game offends my sensibilities. It's like after all that bragging about Cinderellas in the tournament and how wonderful it is that East Podunk State gets to go to the ball, even though Duke/North Carolina/Connecticut beats them by 56 in the first round, the selection committee decided automatic bids weren't fair to the bubble teams from the big huge conferences and it was embarrassing to have some no-name school with a losing record win their conference tourney and get in, so they changed the rules so the two worst teams have to have a slugout at the door in order for one of them to get in so Duke can beat them by 56. Seriously. I bet you it's because the big greedy conferences starting whining that they shouldn't have to share with the tiny little conferences for whom just getting to the dance is enough. Stupid wussy big-name bubble schools. You know why you're on the bubble? Because you can't win on the road and you rolled over and let Auburn do you in the butt (no lube) in the first round of the conference tourney. Oh wait, that's Vanderbilt, who let's face it wasn't even a bubble team this year. And without Vandy in it, I can't muster enough interest to give a shit, so instead I'm just going to make fun of the NCAA, because heaven knows they deserve it.

So yeah. Telling two poor unfortunate teams that "you guys suck so much that we're going to change the rules so that only the one of you who survives gladiatorial combat can get in" is just plain adding insult to injury. Just for that, I hope 12-win Oakland wins tonight and then beats the stuffing out of whichever number-one seed they're supposed to get slaughtered by.

Come on. Say it with me. OAKLAND RULES!! OAKLAND RULES!!
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